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STIHL SHOP™ offers you critical advantages, leading to improved margins, profits and lifestyle. National retail branding and promotional marketing, combined with the STIHL SHOP™ Retail System can provide you with:

  • Strong brand awareness within the OPE market, producing increased sales revenue, especially from domestic customers attracted to the "expert" brand.
  • A national brand with operational support and systems will attract new entrants to the dealership business. The increased goodwill associated with being part of a national brand will make STIHL SHOP™ the preferred option for new entrants to the OPE industry - creating an enhanced exit strategy for you.
  • A distinctive STIHL SHOP™ look, while retaining your local identity. Project management to make your fit-out as stress free as possible.
  • An ongoing STIHL SHOP™ retail support infrastructure that provides you with the tools and support required to grow your business.
  • A fully supported IT system including point of sale and financial reporting to provide integrated sales, administration and management functions.
  • Extensive training programmes for both Licensees and their staff.
  • Brand and retail marketing initiatives on a national and local basis.
  • Support of Licensees promotional activities through a central resource base and advertising design and development assistance.
  • Licensees and product promotion through STIHL SHOP™ website and assistance to develop your own sites.
  • Group buying advantages for products and services. The leverage available to cut deals will only get better as the group grows and may include group branded product.
  • Group buying advantages for support equipment and services. This includes such things as P.O.S material, stationery, computers, fixtures and fittings etc.
  • Standardised store operation systems and procedures fully documented and continuously updated and refined, result in a more efficient environment with less stress and improved lifestyle options for you.
  • Input from Licensees through regional meetings, regular communication and representation.
  • Business management and KPI development assistance including access to industry best practice benchmarking data.
  • STIHL SHOP™ Support Office offers assistance on all matters including IT.