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STIHL: a name synonymous with first class technology.

STIHL is a German based manufacturer of high technology products which markets world wide into the Outdoor Power Equipment sector.

Like most of its associated Dealerships, STIHL is a family owned business. The Company was founded in 1926 by the "father of the chainsaw", Andreas Stihl.

From small beginnings this family business has grown rapidly into an international concern. Today the company is represented in over 160 countries by a network of more than 30,000 specialist servicing dealers. With sales of more than 3 billion dollars annually, STIHL is a truly global player.

The chainsaw naturally remains STIHL's principal product. After all, STIHL is the world's leading chainsaw brand. Today, however an extensive range of professional and domestic power tools are produced to exacting standards, designed to make work easier for end user customers. Innovative leading edge technology, reliability and durability are all common features of STIHL products, and they meet the highest quality standards.

STIHL is a company based upon solid business principles. These principles include the preservation of its family owned status, independence from outside investors and its commitment to the specialist dealer network as its exclusive retail distribution channel. The company operates to a creed that places long term customer satisfaction ahead of short term profit. It has high regard for its social and environmental obligations and is committed to the future wellbeing and prosperity of its employees and its retail channel. The personal involvement of Stihl family members underpins its commitment to the company creed and guarantees continuity of long term strategies.

STIHL is committed to the dealer network as their exclusive retail distribution channel. It is a fundamental belief of the Stihl family that "high quality technical products deserve the highest quality support and after sales service".

Like most of its overseas contemporaries, the New Zealand subsidiary, STIHL Ltd, is recognised as the leader within the local Outdoor Power Equipment industry.

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