If you prefer to complete an offline application form you can download the PDF here. If you have any questions about the application process please email


Do I own it?

STIHL SHOP™ Business Owners operate the business under a license agreement. This is the legal agreement between the licensor (STIHL Ltd) and each Business Owner (Licensee) to use the brand and the STIHL SHOP™ system. The intellectual property remains the property of the licensor.

The financial performance of the licensed business is the sole responsibility of the Business Owner.

What sort of commitment is required?

All licensees must agree to adopt all the elements of the STIHL SHOP™ system. This will consist of but is not limited to:

  • Training programmes
  • Retail operational standards
  • Visual merchandising
  • Store image and fit-out
  • Retail marketing initiatives
  • Workshop management processes
  • STIHL SHOP™ point of sale, inventory and financial systems

But what about my store? What will it cost me?

Fit-out and Re-imaging
In order to build a nationally recognisable brand all members of the STIHL SHOP™ network will be required to complete store re-imaging to the specified minimum STIHL SHOP™ standards. The investment in each store for re-imaging and fit-out is the responsibility of the licensee and will vary according to the size of the store and the licensee’s individual requirements (licensees may wish to select fit-out options in addition to the STIHL SHOP™ minimum requirements.

Legal and Professional Fees
Licensees are responsible for their own legal and professional costs which may include reviewing the license agreement and seeking financial advice.

Ongoing fees
Each STIHL SHOP™ is charged an annual contribution which is paid monthly by direct debit. This provides licensees with the STIHL SHOP™ systems, training programmes, national and local marketing, IT system (if required) and ongoing assistance from STIHL SHOP™ support.

What do I do next?

To advance your interest in a STIHL SHOP™ licence the next stage will involve meetings with you at which time we will:

  • Discuss the STIHL SHOP™ license system in greater detail.
  • Discuss how STIHL SHOP™ will impact on your local market and add value to your business.
  • Assess your re-imaging and fit-out requirements, and discuss options to meet the STIHL SHOP™ minimum requirements.
  • Arrange to have provisional interior design plans and a branding visual completed for your consideration.
  • Supply you with a generic license agreement to review (subject to signing a letter of intent and a confidentiality agreement).

Following this procedure you should have all the information you need to take such professional advice as you think is necessary. We recommend that you brief your solicitor to review the license agreement and your accountant to review the financial details.

We also recommend that you contact and if possible visit an existing STIHL SHOP™ in your area. We know you will be impressed!

We will arrange a time for a follow up meeting to answer any further questions that you may have if necessary and then proceed to a commercial discussion on becoming a STIHL SHOP™ licensee.

The STIHL SHOP™ Support Office is able to cost out your specific fit-out requirements and project manage the whole re-imaging operation if you wish. This makes the process as stress free as possible for you and ensures that you enjoy the maximum savings from the beneficial supplier arrangements that we have in place.

Who do I call?

For additional information or to discuss the STIHL SHOP™ opportunity in more detail, please contact the STIHL SHOP™ Support Office via email, or phone Phil Weedon on 09 262 4000.