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Most people know the name STIHL as a major name in chainsaws, and those in the know saw it as a brand which targeted the professional and semi-professional person who knew their equipment, knew what they wanted and required little other than supply and mechanical service. Over the last ten years, however, the marketplace has changed, and this change has bought with it a need to focus on the occasional user – the person wanting to do their own thing in their own back yard. These people have very different expectations to those in the professional field, so rather than walk into a 'workshop environment' to make a purchase; they expect a very high level of customer service, pleasant retail surroundings, and real choice.

This is how STIHL SHOP was born.

By taking the best attributes of modern, successful retail brands,
STIHL SHOP was created to offer:

  • Outstanding customer experience
  • Solutions
  • Expertise
  • Best premium end of all Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Comprehensive service

STIHL SHOP maintained its reputation for specialist knowledge, but with the pulling power of a national retail chain. To help change the perception of its customers, there was a need for total retail modernisation, with the dealers becoming Licensees and giving a percentage of their takings to STIHL SHOP for marketing and support. The strategy was to sell through specialists and have a competitive advantage by having a national presence, real pulling power and differentiation from our competitors.