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The Programme

The last few years have seen vast improvements in New Zealand retail standards. The entry of international players and improvements in local standards has dramatically lifted today’s customer expectations.

A high standard of product offering, customer service standards, store branding, merchandising and promotional offers are the basics expected by customers from any brand looking to remain competitive.

Research has shown that our customers appreciate all the advantages of a national chain but with the individual store ownership retained by the ‘local guy’. STIHL SHOP provides this solution by adding value to the current retail offering.

A superior customer offer

In order to ensure our networks competitive edge, STIHL SHOPcreates a customer offer that is superior to that of our competitor.

  • Superior in brand awareness
  • Superior in store imaging and merchandising
  • Superior in product offer
  • Superior in customer sales standards
  • Superior in service standards
  • Superior in national marketing and promotions  


 Hear Jason's account of what it's like to invest in STIHL SHOP™.